Port of North Otaru, Shukutsu, family recommended Otaru aquarium(小樽観光!祝津とおたる水族館)

Sightseeing spots Shukutsu area, Otaru aquarium

Shukutsu is located north of JR Otaru Station. Since there is no train from Otaru Station, you can move by bus or taxi.
There are not many buses, and taxis are also recommended for short time. By the way, taxi fare is 510 yen, the first fare is quite cheap compared to Tokyo.

Estimated taxi fare: around 1,990 yen
Bus charge: Adult one-way 220 yen / dwarf one-way 110 yen

Suburban Port / Hakutsu Port Area

The Shukutsu Port area, a little away from the center of Otaru, has an Otaru Aquarium and sightseeing boat tours.


While walking to go to the Otaru Aquarium, I found a sightseeing boat tour sign on the way.
I thought it would be exaggerated, but I wouldn't have looked back when I lived in Otaru, but I lived in Yokohama and it was fresh to me.
It was a good time for sightseeing boats, so I decided to ride before going to the Otaru Aquarium.

A short walk to the base of the lighthouse, where the sightseeing boat is located, and then you can get off when you get on the sightseeing boat!
Cruising begins at Shukutsu Port and Herring Palace.


This Otamoy coast has few roads from the land, so it can only be reached by boat. It was a shame that it was cloudy, but you can enjoy the cruising and the scenery very well.

Otaru Aquarium

Otaru Aquarium is an aquarium operated by the Otaru Aquarium Public Corporation. It consists of an aquarium main building and an amusement park "Otaru Shukutsu Marine Land", and there are dolphins and Otalia shows, so it is a recommended tourist spot for families.

The outdoor beast park is home to dolphins, penguins, seals, walruses, and sea lions.
In addition, because of the use of natural bays as shown in the photo, wild sea lions and harbor seals can enter from the coast, and many wild wound seals are protected.

The most unique thing about the Otaru Aquarium is that it can feed the “wild wounded seals” mentioned above. Anyone can feed a seal if they buy a small fish (charged) in a bucket.

The seal that hits the surface of the water in search of food and the side of the fence is cute.

[voice icon="../images/mypfoto_r.jpg" name="30代・会社員" type="r line"]
Aquariums that can feed you are rare.
Children are delighted, so please go there once.