Along the popular canal and Kojimachi street shopping street(小樽観光!運河沿いと堺町通り商店街)

Sakaimachi Street crowded with Otaru classic tourist spots and tourists

Kojimachi Street is crowded with many tourists on Otaru Tourism's ultra-standard shopping street. There are many tourists from overseas as well as Japanese.

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There were many shops that mainly handle marine products and glass products. There are also seafood products, from seafood to dry food and kelp specialty stores, and some seafood stores where you can eat fresh seafood.


There are also general stores and specialty stores that handle glass products, probably because of the head office of Kitaichi Glass.


There are also several Le Tao shops that are famous for their sweets. Every store was crowded with tourists.

The Kitaichi Glass building, which is renovating the warehouse, creates a nostalgic atmosphere. I want you to feel it with your own skin.

Kojimachi Street is about 800 meters long. The shop is full of streets that are not too long and not too short, so it's a great spot for those who like shopping.
The popularity that I saw was that

● Otaru Music Box Museum
The music box hall at the end of Sakaimachi Street has many customers, so there is a line at the cash register.

● Kitaichi Glass Building No. 3
The store was large and there were many items and types, so there were many customers.

● Le Tao
堺 There are several Leutao-related shops on Sakaimachi Street, and I think there were many customers (especially women) in every shop.

● Seafood store
In the restaurant where you can eat seafood at the storefront, the old sans from Kansai were crowded.

● Matcha Ice Ice Shop
I felt that it was especially popular with foreign tourist women. Is matcha popular?

● There were many other popular shops.