Minamitaru Market | Shopping fresh and cheap seafood and seafood(小樽観光!南樽市場)

If you come to Otaru, you will want to buy fresh seafood and seafood from Hokkaido and Otaru.

Probably the first person who visits Otaru for the first time Triangle Market near Otaru Station and tourists who come to Otaru will always go to Sakaimachi Street Shopping Street I think you will buy souvenirs, seafood and dried food at the seafood store.


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I thought I could buy delicious fresh seafood cheaply when I came to Otaru, but it's pretty expensive!
It is too expensive to buy (ノ Д`)

There may be a few people who seemed like this.

That's right! Shops for tourists are expensive.
Because it's a tourist price!

Many tourists shop at expensive prices for tourists

Shops that open in the vicinity of tourist spots are targeted at tourists, so the price setting is high for tourists!

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I do not shop at all for tourists.

There are shops for tourists in places that are tourist destinations anywhere in the world, nowhere in the world, and the price setting is high everywhere.

Tourists can't expect repeats, so they sell at a high price! I can't understand the business.

It is not bad to shop at shops and markets for tourists, but if you come to Otaru, it is Otaru citizen price rather than worrying about price tags and shopping without worrying about price tags I want you to do cheap and fun shopping.


Shop cheap at a local store

So I recommend a market and a supermarket where locals go shopping.
The price is of course cheap because it is for the locals. It ’s really cheap . Not only that, you can also get items that you don't see in shops for tourists.

My push is

Otaru Citizen's Kitchen, Minamitaru Market


Minami-taru market is a kitchen of Otaru citizens, and it is loved by locals, with face-to-face sales and reasonable prices, focusing on seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido as well as ingredients from Otaru. There are 29 stores now, and in addition to grocery stores such as fresh fish, vegetables, meat, handmade side dishes, etc. We are open as
You can also enjoy fresh sushi, ramen, and seafood bowls. If you are tired of shopping, take a break with freshly brewed coffee. There is also a rest area. (* Please eat the prepared meals and lunch boxes)
In addition, every month, there are also events where you can win a bit of a good one according to your shopping on special sales days.
(引用:South barrel market homepage


Conscientious pricing

Even after Otaru has become a tourist destination, Otaru's market has many stores that line up only crabs for tourists, such as the triangular market. It is still “Otaru Citizen's Kitchen”.

The rules, such as not making persistent calls in the market, are firmly adhered to, and it is easy to shop with an easy-to-see shop. The price is also set by locals, so you can enjoy shopping with a reasonable price.

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Indeed, there is an old-fashioned atmosphere where you can feel the atmosphere of Otaru in Showa.
Especially for seafood, it is clearly cheap!
There is no loss to look through.

The shops in the South Barrel market sell fresh items, vegetables and fruits, meat, side dishes, daily miscellaneous goods, florists, medicines, bread, etc., and the whole shopping street is a market. .



Why seafood is so fresh

Fresh fish landed at the fishing port in Otaru will be auctioned off at the market early in the morning, and will line up at the fresh fish store in Otaru in the morning. Therefore, all the products in the store are fresh.

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Otaru has Takashima fishing port, Shukutsu fishing port, Shiotani fishing port, Shinobu fishing port and so on. Here is the land of fish that have been landed.

Why seafood is so cheap

“Thin selling” has not changed since long ago. In order to keep many people happy with each price, the price will be reduced so that local Otaru customers come every day! It seems that this feeling has not changed.

Please see the store website at the end of the article. It is sold very cheaply. Even if you can't go to Otaru, you can purchase it from the store's website, so please take a look!


A market with a Showa atmosphere

▲ Tourists are also shopping for many local people.

▲ Although it is a market for local residents, it offers a full range of services for tourists, and fresh fish can be frozen and refrigerated at all fresh fish and seafood stores.

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Enjoy shopping with peace of mind and ship your purchases with Cool Takkyubin.

▲ Anyway, cheap! Just cheap! I come to shopping for fresh and cheap fresh fish from neighboring towns and Sapporo. A super-discount that is completely incomparable with shops for tourists!

In particular, “Takashima octopus foot boiled on the beach” can only be purchased in Otaru at this Minami barrel market or Shin-Nan barrel market.

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“Takashima octopus foot, boiled on the beach” is the last time you eat!
Like me, no other octopus can be eaten anymore.

The octopus taste is very delicious ...



Summary of store information

List of net information such as homepage and Facebook


In addition to fresh fish from Hokkaido, we have an abundance of seasonal fresh fish, mainly fresh seafood caught in Otaru, and salted and dried fish. We also accept local shipping.

ホームページ https://iwashotaru.wixsite.com/otaru-aso
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nantaru
Twitter https://twitter.com/nantaru_aso
LINE@ https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40ogb3293k


Definite freshness only in a fresh fish shop! A selection of seasonal flavours. We take care of freshness in order to get delicious food.

ホームページ http://kikawasengyo.com/


A long-established store that has been in business for 100 years. We have a wide selection of fresh seafood such as the most popular “Gokujo Beni”, our original “Ikura Masa Oil”, “Silver Miso” and “Salmon Miso”.
-We also accept regional shipping.

ホームページ http://www2.enekoshop.jp/shop/otarushinbo/
メールアドレス m_shinbo@me.com


It is the first time that the first generation from Gunma opened a meat store in Otaru, Hokkaido in the first year of the New Year. Smoked products manufacture and sell over 40 types of products.

ホームページ https://www.niku-fukasawa.co.jp/index.html


It is a long-established store in Hokkaido. Normally, most of the shops that fry semi-finished products are made from raw surimi and are made from hand-made meat.

ホームページ http://www.dai8kurihara.net/


It is a market doll. It is a small shop with few seats. There are various types of ramen, soba, udon, donburi, and other items, including the popular “Creamy Minamitaru Miso Ramen”.

Twitter https://twitter.com/otarumanmaru


Access / MAP

From JR Otaru Station to JR Minami Otaru Station by train (every 15 minutes)
About 9 minutes on foot from JR Minami Otaru Station.
In the case of a bus, get off at Okuzawa Exit and walk about 1 minute.